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I find your website so helpful on the way of conquering Ielts.Coherence and cohesion: The sample answer is organised into paragraphs which are connected logically.In the table above, the only event that has already passed is the opening of each network.If you are planning to take the IELTS Academic test, you are advised to have adequate synonyms for each word in your vocabulary and apply them appropriately in your.The graphs show figures relating to hours worked and stress levels.

It displays some key features in terms of date opened, length of route and annual number of passengers.The London underground is the oldest system, because it was opened in 1863.The table compares the opening date, distance and passengers amount of underground railway network in six cities.The lessons include important vocabulary to use for task 1 writing in the test.The table below shows the sales made by a coffee shop in an office.Paris is the second busiest system with nearly 1.2 billion customers per year.There is an overall rise from 4.740 to 6.475 on average distance in miles travelled per person in 1985 and 2000 respectively.The table shows some data regarding the underground railway services in six different cities in the world.

Of the three newer networks, the Washington DC underground is the most extensive, with 126 kilometres of route, compared to only 11 kilometres and 28 kilometres for the Kyoto and Los Angeles systems.

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The scores are sent to the IELTS office (e.g. in Cambridge) where someone does the calculation.IELTS Speaking, Part 3: Practice Questions with Sample Answers.Write a 150-word report for a university lecturer describing the data and make comparisons where relevant.

Paris and Tokyo have run their subway systems from the beginning of the 20th century and it turned out that they carried the highest number of passengers per year.


According to the table, the oldest system in London has the longest railroad.I would like to know about the uses of suitable words and phrases for Ielts task 1.The table illustrates the percentage of national consumer expenditure that five countries spent on three different categories in 2002.Among three new subway systems, the distance and passengers in Washington D.C. is far exceeding those of Kyoto and Los Angeles.IELTS Speaking Score 8.5 with Native English Speaker subtitles.

Guide to IELTS WRITING TASK-1: TABLE STEP BY STEP PROCESS TO SOLVE.Writing task 1 table can be similar to pie charts,graphs and bar charts.By reading all the lessons provided here you will.Would you like me to check your IELTS writing answers and give you expert feedback based on the official scoring criteria.

The table provides data about the underground railway system in six major cities in terms of opening date, total length of rail road and annual ridership.IELTS writing task 1 table use. then you can quickly and effectively write a 150 word paragraph for the IELTS writing task 1 tables questions.However, although London was first to build underground railway system people were counted to have the biggest amount in Tokyo(1927 million passengers per year) comparing with mentioned cities.

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I am a bit confused with the tenses used during writing academic 1 task.

Some of the essay is totally in past tense and some of it is a mixture of past and present tense.The London underground is the oldest system, because it opened in 1863.I know that you dont give detail comments on writing here.Could you please give a general comment on it.IELTS Speaking Tips: How to Achieve 7.0 IELTS Writing Task 2: Positive or Negative Question with Sample Answer.The information in the table was gathered clearly and well structured.In contrast, Kyoto and Los Angeles built their subway systems over a hundred years later at much smaller scales, having only 11 and 28 km of route respectively.

By watching this series, a clear idea of the types of how to write for IELTS task 1 writing can be understood.While Washington DC has rather average numbers, Paris stands out with the second highest amount of ridership, carrying an average of 1191 million passengers per year.

While doing the essay, I could not include Washington anywhere.When you are examining a table in the IELTS Writing Paper Task 1, look for patterns.In summary, people in England over 15 years period adopted more comfortable life style by preferring to travel considerably by car or other vehicles than by walking or riding bikes.What is the main adverb clause in the following of your sentence.Not only is London railway system opened earliest, it also has the longest length of route, with 394 kilometres.

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IELTS task 1 writing bar graph example with structure part 1 of 2.The proportion of spending on leisure and education was also highest in Turkey, at 4.35%, while expenditure on clothing and footwear was significantly higher in Italy, at 9%, than in any of the other countries.

If you have to describe how something works, you can use the same method.The average of distance taken by cars significantly went up from 3.199 to 4.806 in 1985 and 2000 respectively.There are opportunities for you to practice different types of task 1 writing after learning their full descriptions with examples. Enjoy.

IELTS Task 1: How to respond when given 2 data sources. in the case of this table and graph, our basic Task 1 writing structure is going to have 3.

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This essay is very helpful for me as I have already done this table before but I dont know how to select main features of this table.Your structure allows me to separate it and meet the word count.Advice on how to describe a table in academic task 1 IELTS writing by learning to read down and across the table the rows and columns.

Romance and Comedy are the next popular genres, with the total number of 20.3 million viewers and 19.9 million viewers respectively.The London underground is the oldest system, opening in 1863.As regards the figures on the table, it was first in London that underground was constructed in 1863 while France used subway system in 1990.Washington DC underground railway system serves around 126 million per year.