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Shop by Grade Grades Preschool Pre-Kindergarten Elementary School Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Middle School 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade.Illustrations are few, no distractions in the form of side bars, photos with captions - I never see a reason for them in any text book as, for me, they would shatter the flow of the work.Since bringing the program to our school 7 years ago our students have advanced tremendously in their math skills.However, when I discovered the Robinson method and turned my son loose on math every morning, he was lit on fire.Instead the curriculum gives you maybe 4-5 concept problems if that.Even though my son says he hates math (it is his longest subject) he does a great job on his daily assignments as well as tests.I originally used it in 7th grade, where I developed a keen dislike for mathematics.Math is like building a structure and if you try to put the roof on before building your supports or put your walls up without a foundation you end up with a mess.

I use his Stanford test results to tell how he is doing in each subject along with my knowledge of seeing him work each day.Lots of people suggest skipping problems, skipping whole years of instruction, etc.This integrated and connected approach provides deep, long-term mastery of the content and skills called for in the Common Core State Standards.I read an earlier review complaining that a lesson shows shading in of certain fractional segments, yet the problem asks what portion is NOT shaded.

Specific components support inclusion, pull-out, and self-contained resource and Special Education classrooms with support differentiation suggestions.It encouraged me to be independent, methodical, precise, and organized.I have homeschooled for 2 years, and will be starting my 5 year old also this fall.Hotmath explains math textbook homework problems with step-by-step math answers for algebra, geometry, and calculus.They are appropriately challenging and the reiteration of previously learned material with each new lesson is highly effective.I used Saxon 3 with my son who was having major problems remembering his math facts.

I am planning on returning to college to pursue another degree, this time in electrical engineering.John Saxon, founder of Saxon Publishers, had a similar philosophy in mind when he developed his theory-based distributed approach to mathematics instruction, practice, and assessment in the early 1980s.

As a result, the mixed practice takes most of them far too much tome to complete.First, in answer to the post claiming that the solutions manual does not have the steps but just the answers: that is incorrect.I like the meeting book where he recorded the date and temperature and reviewed skip counting and time.We made it half way through, often skipping ahead significantly, and I never felt like she was being challenged.My biggest frustration with Saxon is the amount of repetition and drilling, much of which seems rather disconnected from actual math application.I am all for a certain amount but every day for the whole of the lessons is too much.

We did object to the amount of review of fundamental math skills.It teaches them how to approach problems logically and independently.She had already completed all her preschool stuff and so we used this curriculum to continue homeschooling for the year.

She LOVES math, though this could be learning styles playing out as well.If not, please consider that they might actually love math, just not this book.She enjoyed the manipulative based activities, which were quite easy for her.The Saxon Math program results in immediate, dramatic and sustained high levels of student performance.Most of the lessons are perfect for an auto-didactic student.Our son objects when we check him wrong and in fact the book is wrong.I have heard Saxon highly recommended, but for my oldest it was horrible.If you really want them to understand why they do what they do, go with Math U See.

I started with math 76 and finished with the green trig book.I have a college degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude, but I have a hard time helping my 4th grader with her math.Now as a senior, I am taking calculus with Saxon because that is the only book they use at my home-school co-op.

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After taking several college math courses, I now realize that Saxon is not math at all.I pulled what was necessary and what the kids needed more practice on. individual basis and it worked great.Follow these simple steps to find online resources for your book.I like that there are no distracting boxes, blocks, photos, or loud graphics.

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My husband strongly encouraged me to try it with our boys and stick with it.

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He was proud of his work in math with Saxon Algebra I while with his tutor.Saxon was a great foundation to build on, and it has allowed all of my children to be successful in math.My 10 and 11 year old have been in traditional school all their lives, but I decided to homeschool this year since we were overseas.Repetition will make a student adept at taking that concept and applying it to a mathematical problem.I teach math at a small private school where the students are homeschooled 2-3 days a week and attend the school the other days.He got through 5 years of Saxon books in 12 months and the next 2 years in another 12 months (after the first year, there was no reason to keep up that pace).