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School Board OKs Condom Distribution. Oxnard School District officials are considering making condoms available to junior high.Requests for Electronic Access and Web-Based Use: Contact Copyright Clearance Center.Easily accessible contraceptives just ensure that a child who disobeys is not permanently afflicted with a disease or a child because of it.Instead of getting your facts on Atheism from Christian apologetics and churches, try talking to atheists and learn what they believe about life. look at what atheism has done to the world.Yeah, I think teenage pregnancy rates would go waaaaaay down if our school would do that.

Why, it would appear that this logic should be examined in various situations.Now I can tell you some stories of supreme state incompetence in handling these people, but I also am quite certain that without that additional support of the state many of these people would be on the street.Although voluntary abstinence is something that simply cannot be relied upon, the effects of it (nearly nonexistent rates of STDs and accidental pregnancies) would indeed be agreeable for society in general.Another explanation is that the gut condom was invented by the English army doctor Colonel Quondam in around 1645 and that the word is a corruption of his name.I see them as intelligent men who had flaws like everyone else.

Some school disricts across the country are arguing whether or not they should make condoms available to high school level students.

The Argument You Don’t Hear About Birth Control in Schools

Of course religion had some false teachings and corruption, which some people were not apart of, but instead of pointing at religion look at what atheism has done to the world.If condoms were made available in high schools then students would be more likely to use them because students are likely to get them because they are more comfortable in a school environment with familiar faces (school nurse, teachers, etc) rather than the neighborhood drugstore or the clinic.

An analogy: we are 1, but are formed in such a way as imbues us with a natural gravitation to other units, satisfied only with a value of 2.Contraception essay papers. if the schools just made condoms available on campus.

It means that I worship none of these things but am instead master over them.Much of the violence in the modern world is based on religion, there can be little other explanation for the rampant suicide bombings.Some parents, politicians, and educators have questioned whether making condoms available should be the job of the school.With that in mind, I would like to share the words of two of my students who have shown that they can grapple with complex moral and political issues.The responsibility currently resides primarily with the individual school districts.The embarrassment was a small price to pay for his protection from disease and premature fatherhood.

This feature is not available right now. Debate on Condoms for High School Students.A cost I would assume greatly outweighs the cost of free condoms.Your statement in which I replied with that was judgmental and while this is your right, I do not see how it helps the situation to expect everyone to be responsible as you yourself were.The problem I see, actually, is that in the conservative states condom dispensers will likely not be placed at schools if it is voluntary.

Should Schools Provide Free Condoms To Kids 12 And Older?

This is a legitimate point but something that is an issue of public health, like safe sex, is something the government cannot fund only on a voluntary basis.

Yes christians still sin, but from my experience not nearly as much.

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I live my life to serve others atheists seek out only to serve themselves and to live day to day in the moment, acting like theres no tomorrow.

Advocates of either program have strong opinions on having condoms available to students in school.When the man ejaculates, he does so into the condom that prevents the sperm from entering the vagina.To learn more about the CreateDebate scoring system, check out the FAQ.

The Superintendent: Condoms should be available to high

Court Decisions Just how concerned are parents and school administrators.Many teenagers. deny that they can be victims of sexually transmitted diseases.General abstinence serves no purpose if contraceptives are readily available.

I never claimed to be a revolutionary because abstinence is not a revolutionary idea, but that does not take away from the merit of my argument.My father is not happy with my positions on these issues because he opposes the idea of abortion.Fifty-three percent of high school students in the US reported having had sexual intercourse, thirty-eight percent in the past three months.A majority of parents would agree that it sends a negative message out to impressionable teenagers, that being sexually active is socially acceptable and even expected.Even a friend of mine who is still in her tweens was helped by the free condom at schools thing because in that way she understood the importance of safe sex and since then never had unsafe sex.

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And irresponsible children are in particular need of condoms.Do you not even realize people can lie through their tongue in order to manipulate the people.

Actually, one can easily make a case that the more religious a society is, the greater tendency it has to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of the few, and the less charitable it is to the working class and poor.They are different on paper but beneath the superficial dressings are generally about worshiping some sort of magical being.