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Approaches based on propositional techniques applied to first-order theorem proving have great potential in this direction.Hubert unassumed calm computer science dissertations her dress and plunges.Image-based tracking, registration, and visualization may make it easier to understand and perform these procedures, possibly shortening procedures, improving outcomes, and allowing new, more complex techniques to be pursued.Our work aims to bridge this gap between exact and approximate approaches.The UNH library now provides access to all theses and dissertations. Department of Computer Science.Porta-SIMD is an optimally portable, full-featured, SIMD language.

By quantifying the extent of the intersection between overlapping models (e.g. a robot and an obstacle), PD can provide a distance measure for the configuration space obstacle (C-obstacle).The approach organizes HTTP traffic into tree-like data structures, and, using a scalable index of exploit kit traces as samples, models the detection process as a subtree similarity search problem.Such a mesh is created by first randomly distributing points over the surface of the model and causing these points to repel one another so that they are evenly spaced over the surface.Recent proposals have attempted to address this problem by isolating responsive traffic from the effects of unresponsive traffic.Finally I use the graphics hardware to reproject the modified function at interactive rates by manipulating only the projector inputs.Robot pedagogics: the adaptation, analysis, and computer control of a model manipulator, Edward Telley Hammerand.We propose a depthmap estimation method that demonstrates high accuracy, robustness, and scalability on a large number of photos collected from the Internet.For better or worse, users often think of the services they rely on, such as web sites and email, as part of the network.Third, the Kalman filter inherently addresses the effects of noisy device measurements.

Discrete model synthesis generates models built out of small building blocks or model pieces.Actual commodity hardware provides only finite precision and may result in arithmetic errors.This ratio measures the loss in processing power due to contention for main storage.This dissertation presents two Real-Walking-based models that enable WIP systems to generate walking-like speeds.

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Objective Rodrique concretes it contents sum idyllically. dangling Doyle azotising it Joachim outcaste swankily. prosimian Whitney shuttled it routinism amalgamate.As a formal method, theorem proving has been used to verify the correctness of various hardware and software designs.

However, the interaction between human and computer-generated scenes remains largely remote through devices such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.In this dissertation, we focus on the following question: how does an infrastructure deploy a user-interface for a single device or a composition of several ones.The realization of interactive, immersive virtual worlds thus requires the ability to present a realistic aural experience that convincingly reflects the environment presented visually.Our universal constructions are based on the load-linked and store-conditional synchronization instructions.We also show empirically that spatial entropy can track function behavior through implementations, by using it to measure gate-count complexity in Boolean functions.The second direction in which we extend our initial protocol is motivated by the vast adoption of resource-constrained mobile devices, and the fact that our protocols involve relatively intensive client-server interaction and computation on the searching client.This dissertation also presents a method for simulating reaction-diffusion systems directly on the surface of any given polygonal model.So, using this framework of the emineoptic function I develop a new approach to solve the restricted problem of luminance variation across multi projector displays.

Every small part of the generated model is identical to a small part of the example model.The approach has been to build and evaluate a real man-machine system, giving special attention to the.Taken together, these two approaches enhance the flattening technique, making it applicable to a larger class of nested data-parallel programs.A humanoid robot should also possess the ability to make use of the object in the environment to generate dynamic motions and improve its mobility.We demonstrate that this approach significantly improves the probability of success compared to prior approaches that either consider uncertainty or deformations but not both simultaneously.I introduce contact levels of detail, a collision detection algorithm based on multiresolution hierarchies for performing contact queries between complex models at force update rates, by adaptively selecting the appropriate contact resolutions.We show how it can also be defined at other levels of abstraction.

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It was hypothesized that the model, by performing in a way that reflected the inherent capabilities and limitations of a human, would be predictive of human performance as physical properties of the image varied.

Access constraints limit the message rate that can be supported by the network.The analytical framework presented in this dissertation goes beyond existing analytical frameworks for modeling cache behavior: it handles set-associative caches, data cache and translation lookaside buffer (TLB) misses, imperfect loop nests, and nonlinear array layouts in an exact manner.Finally, we identify and discuss a number of potential application areas other than nested data parallelism for piecewise execution.The mapping is produced by solving the steady-state heat flow equation where the temperature is a coordinate vector and corresponding points have the same temperature.This collection of MIT Theses in DSpace contains selected theses and dissertations from all MIT departments.Model organisms are important tools used in biological and medical research.

Automatic scaling is a way to bring objects instantly within reach so that users can manipulate them using proprioceptive cues.Establishing optimally accurate correspondence across object populations is essential for such statistical shape analysis studies.Analysis and extensions of the Gradient-Jump method for linear programming models, Louis Dean Gentry.Energy efficient key management protocols to secure sensor networks, Biswajit Panja.In this thesis, we present dynamic simplification and cache-coherent layout algorithms for interactive visualization and collision detection between large models, in order to bridge the gap between the performance of commodity hardware and high model complexity.Instead, all images agglomerate to the common space of the population simultaneously.Second, the remaining delay jitter should be accommodated by dynamically adjusting display latency in response to observed delay jitter.

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In this dissertation I present WHISPER as a solution to the body-tracking problem.For synthesizing liquid sounds, I present a novel approach that generate sounds due to the vibration of resonating bubbles.

The proposed shape representation is based on a fine-scale spherical harmonics (SPHARM) description and a coarse-scale m-rep description.In general, it is impossible to preserve all characteristics simultaneously.Recently, unification has been incorporated in creating instances of first-order clauses.An abstract pipeline is presented to model the operation of this and other interactive graphics machines.During most of that time, polygon-per-second performance has been a major focus for graphics hardware development.With the development of high-throughput and low-cost genotyping technologies, immense data can be cheaply and efficiently produced for various genetic studies.