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He takes it a step further by also relating friends and colleagues experiences regarding internet usage, as well as provides some historical.

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Meaning that it acts as a conduit for all of the information that flows through his head, and it is beginning to change the way that he thinks.Actions, when repeating constantly, turns into habits in the brain that will done without noticing.

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Google on the other hand, would give us the answer even in detail, but.

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Currently it is easy to study any area of knowledge online, using textbooks and video lessons available, but this would hardly make someone a professional.Report: Colleges And Universities Should Offer More Alternative Credentials.And, academics often express the same concerns Carr doesin his Atlantic article.Our concerns are about the qualitative differences in how net-gen students think and write and learn.

I believe that reducing the dependence on the achievements of progress should become one of the priorities for the mankind because it greatly reduces the probability of survival in case of catastrophe or cataclysms.Share in social networks essay-writer Click here to cancel reply.

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Free Extras Free Formatting Free Works Sited Page Free of Plagiarism Free Delivery Free Revisions Order now How Does it Work Make an order You make an order on our site Relax Relax and enjoy your life.I am working on this essay in class, and I think this is a great piece of writing and response.Carr speaks of going from a deep thinking person who would immerse himself in long prose, to a person who is easily distracted, experiences losses of concentration, drifts, becomes fidgety, and is always looking for something else to do.

He is making the readers aware of the superficiality the Web is imposing on everyone.

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However, Carr expressed the alarm that connecting us to the artificial intelligence like the one that Google is willing to provide would not benefit each of us but would rather make human thinking resemble artificial one.

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Criticism of the Web most often questions whether we are becoming more superficial and scattered in our thinking.

I can strongly agree with the author on the changes of thinking that he has noticed, and on the far-going consequences of the informational medium that is currently surrounding us everywhere.

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Survey: University Deans Predict Significant Change in the Next Decade.Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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This article by Nicolas Carr exposes what the internet has done to our brains especially major search engine like Google.

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Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages.

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Carr feels as if he losing the ability to control his own mind, not that he has lost it, but that it is changing.

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